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ADHD on aol

Posted on December 13, 2010 at 12:31 PM
I was quite surprised to see a headline on the aol home page entitled "What is the cause of ADHD?"  I read the blurb on the "front page," and it suggested pesticides, diet and "bad parenting," but went on to say that "experts separate fact from fiction."  I was pleased to read the main body of the article which used Dr. Wolraich as their primary expert.  He has been part of many academic studies on ADHD.  He denied that foods like refined sugar and food additives could cause ADHD, but did support regular mealtimes and a balanced diet, with a multivitamin for picky eaters.  There was no mention of increased Omega-3 fatty acids having a beneficial effect, although more than one study supports their use in ADHD.  He did acknowledge a recent study which found that there was a higher rate of ADHD in a group of children with higher levels of pesticide residue in their urine than there was in the group with the lowest levels studied.  His recommendation was either to buy organic fruits and vegetables or to wash non organic produce very well before eating it.  In summary, it was good to see that aol was providing reliable and responsible reporting on ADHD.

Categories: ADHD in the media

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